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    November 2, 2013
    11:00 - 11:31pm PDT  

new information tonight on the la airport shooting that left a tsa in the chest. new i am millions are coming up of what appears to be him handcuffed to a gurney. >> reporter: federal prosecutors are filing criminal charges against him.
he's accused of opening fire with an assault rifle killing a 39-year-old tsa officer and wounding several others. >> fired multiple rounds at point blank range at the officer. >> reporter: the wife spoke briefly to reporters. >> he would have been 40 next week. >> reporter: a man who came face-to-face with the gunman said the suspect seemed to be looking for tsa employees. >> the shooter, calmly walking down the corridor, he looked at me and said tsa? and i shook my head and kept going. >> reporter: law enforcement shot and wounded the gunman. the note was addressed to, quote, instill fear into their
minds. >> reporter: the fbi served seventh inning warrants at the suspect's home. he's originally from new jersey sent text messages telling family he was unhappy and discouraged living in la. >> the text message was a message to the little brother, and the way it was written, they had concern about it and that's why they brought it to our attention. >> reporter: he had no history of violence or mental illness. >> he remains in the hospital and is unresponsive, according to the fbi. investigators believe somebody dropped him off at the airport and they're looking at surveillance video to try to find that person. stay with kron four as we continue to follow this story and new developments. this just in. westbound interstate 580 is
closed in richmond after a male victim was hit and died. he was hit shortly before 10:00 tonight as he ran across lanes of traffic. westbound lanes are blocked and traffic is being diverted. bart and the two largest unions are getting closer. what happens next and what both bart and the unions are liking about the deal. >> they voted overwhelmingly in favor of the tentative agreement. >> we are one step closer to finalizing a new contract been bart and the unions. they both voted to approve the contract offers with more than 85% voting for it. >> i want to thank our members
for standing firm in the belief that health and safety issues are important and that we wouldn't settle without those being addressed. >> reporter: things such as bullet proof glass were topics. bart management also sees some key additions. >> the reason we feel good about the product is because it will allow us to carry this eight againsy forward to provide services to the bay area for a long, long time. >> reporter: bart general manager says they have the ability to implement improved technology without agreement from the unions. management says this helps to implement from wireless hand-held devices and e-mails
over hand written notes. >> you would be stunned at the way this place operates because everything has to get their mission. i don't think we're looking at eliminating worker jobs at all. what we're looking at is modern needs modern -- modernizing. silicon valley is so close but so far away. >> reporter: they still need to vote on the tentative agreement and that will take place the week after next. the third smaller union also needs to vote on their contract offer which they are reviewing over the next several weeks. the owners of a senior living facility in the east bay could still face charges of elder abuse. we get a first-hand account of what it was like to work at valley springs manner in castro
valley. >> reporter: she set goals when she started working there. >> i wanted to make my baby heavy a wonderful birthday and christmas and i'm struggling. >> reporter: she worked for a little while when it closed. >> we're not licensed for that stuff but they went maybe three or four days without giving medicine. >> reporter: she said managers didn't seem to care there wasn't enough food to feed the clients. without much support, there was a lot of work to be done. >> family members come and ask me to go to the store and stuff to buy diapers, and i did that. >> reporter: for her dedication, she didn't expect much, just minimum wage. we were supposed to get paid and we didn't. it was like they were playing games and they didn't give me a dollar. >> reporter: even without getting paid she was compelled
to care for somebody else's parents despite having a family of her own. >> i have a grandmother that was diagnosed with liver cancer and i wouldn't anybody to do my grandmother like that. >> reporter: staff said they could do everything they could and it's time for the owners to be punished. >> they won't answer when i try to call. they need to pay for what they did. they need to go to jail. we had a weather system pass through this afternoon and brought some high clouds. behind that systemed we have gusty winds blowing around. the winds aren't too bad between about 20 and 30 mph for the strongest gusts around the bay area, but those winds are anticipated to pick up after midnight tonight, so a wind advisory in effect for the north bay and east bay hills and we could see gusts up and over 40 to perhaps even as strong as 50 mph. outside of that area, look for
gusts up around 30. that could make for difficult driving and downed branches. at this time it doesn't look like we'll see power outage problems. more coming up later. denver broncos coach john fox was hospitalized after being dizzy playing golf, and now he needs major surgery. he'll miss several weeks. the broncos had their by this week, but peyton manning's coach will have surgery next week. he had been told about it but was hoping to put off the operation until february. coming up, a jab at health and human services secretary. a honda recall about no way to fix the issue, what they are giving drivers until the fix is
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a warning to parents tonight to always check that halloween candy after tainted halloween candy sent a northern california mom to the hospital. there's a tiny hole in the snickers wrapper. by coincidence, the girl's mother it it instead and immediately felt sick. they believe some kind of acid-based drug was injected into the candy bar. police think this was an isolated incident. a new law has walnut creek keeping its city smoke-free, but one city official hates the new law, and why he says it's no good and what he's planning on doing about it.
be careful where you light up in walnut creek. they are taking a bold stand against smoking. breaking the law could cost you fines. but one city councilman is fighting to have the ban repealed. >> reporter: this man says he's filed paperwork with the walnut city attorney to create a initiative that would repeal
the second-hand smoking ordinance and create a new one with similar restrictions but where the city would be prohibited from banning smoking on private property. >> my initiative is about private property rights, whether or not the city council has the right to ledge slate this. but this woman disagrees. the ban represents most of the city. he says he hopes to have his initiative on the '14 ballot. but despite what he says, the mayor says whether it's in the general election or special election, putting the initiative on the ballot will cost taxpayers.
>> it's less expensive on a general election which could be june or november, for example, but they're not -- it is not free, so this could cost, based on numbers i received a few numbers ago, on some other measures that were being looked at, this could cost probably $100,000. >> in addition to the smoking initiative, he says he'll also collect signatures for an initiative that would prevent the city council from putting any future bans on plastic shopping bags. a man visiting san francisco's mission district has gone missing. he called his family, saying he's been followed. he said he needed help from police around 11:00 p.m., and his family has filed a missing persons report but he's yet to be located.
over 400 marijuana plants were taken from a home in antioch. officers took the plants, along with the growing equipment, and it's unclear at this point who was in charge of that operation. isn't fran firefighters fought a fire on department of public works property, and now arson investigators are on the case. the fire was in an open space area, working on steep slopes and in heavy brush, and they easily identified where the fire started, which was littered with magazines and other debris. >> we saw the place of origin, so we have our arson unit out there conducting an investigation right now. like i say, we don't know for sure what it is. >> no homes were threatened and no injuries were reported. germany and brazil are demanding their right to privacy. they want to adopt a draft
resolution calling for an end to excessive electronic surveillance. the draft notes the collection constitutes an intrusive act. it will be voted on later this month. new at 11:00, 48 hours after sebelius was on hill, a tennessee state senator got if his own jabs. >> when health and human services secretary sebelius appeared, she went home with a book she probably wouldn't have checked out herself. there was critics in the crowd. this republican presented a book, websites for dummies.
this was taken by a photographer right as it happened. she quickly passed the book off to an aide. it was a reminder that they don't want expansion. honda is recalling over 300,000mini vans, '08 and '09, causing the van to break suddenly. the part won't be available until early next year. in the meantime, they are putting instructions on the website to prevent it from occurring. no incidents have been reported so far. temperatures were into the low to mid-70s today. 74 degrees on the november afternoon and we noticed fall
colors. we had a weather system go by today and tonight it's out of here. we're seating the effects of it in the form of gusty winds. the winds here at sfo, around 15 mph with temperatures in the mid-50s. elsewhere the winds are picking up. some of the winds topped 30, and they are forecast to increase through the remainder of tonight. so a breezy day tomorrow with lots of sunshine, although it's going to be a brisk day with those winds in place, still breezy for monday with sunshine, and then it begins to warm up after that. tonight and tomorrow morning, around sun price -- don't forget to set back your close tonight one hour, so at sun price, which will be an hour earlier, we'll see temperatures in the upper thirtieses for the north bay, mid-forts east bay valleys, upper 40s, san jose and the south bay. by the afternoon look for highs to reach the upper 60s to around 70 here in the south
bay. santa clara, 70 degrees, close to 70 for redwood city. high temperatures inland, down a few degrees from today, but still making it up into the low 70s for most spots, at least to thest of 680. 60s here and for san francisco, and oakland, upper 60ss to around 70. seven-day around the bay, as we look into next week, still breezy monday, a few degrees cooler, and the winds subside and the warmest day looks like wednesday with low 70s by the bay and mid-70s inland, and then things begin to get tricky for the end of the week. there's a weather system coming but a slight chance for rain and some additional clouds friday. a victory parade for the
red sox. the parade past the site of the bombing, as well. they placed the trophy on the marathon finish line. this was the first time the socks won a championship at fenway since 1918, the year that began the team's infamous 86 year world series draught. can curry and the warriors put on a shooting show against the kings? we'll have those highlights. and a key guy back from injury for the sharks. keep it here for sports coming up next.
a lot of hype for the par rears this year, perhaps contending for a championship, but they're coming off a loss to the clippers. how did they respond tonight? take a look. watch curry do what he does best, three of his 22 points, five 3's in the game, but he's also a giver, very giving, to his buddy klay thompson. look at them celebrate. they beat the kings tonight 98-87, and the warriors are 2- 1. how about hockey, the sharks
hosting phoenix. boyle is back in and doesn't miss a beat after suffering a concussion. look at that. phoenix ties it at two. late in regulation we go to a shoot-out and phoenix wins it 3-2. the sharks fall but they are in first place in the division. they are off to a great start this year. we have to change the close tonight. you have to set them back an hour. so that means an extra hour to do what you wish. >> how will the weather be tomorrow? >> breezy but still nice with sunshine. the temperatures will be in the the temperatures will be in the 60s and 70 [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪
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